Taaza Khoon “Fresh Blood” 2018-05-05T05:22:17+00:00

Project Description

Taaza Khoon “Fresh Blood” | 2017

Director of Photography

Directed by Richa Rudola

Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film (IndieWorks Film Festival); Best Southeast Asian Film award (World Music Independent Film Festival); Best Women’s Film Award (Calcutta International Cult Film Festival); Best Film Short (The People’s Film Festival); Best Horror Short (Paris Short Film Festival); Award of Merit (Best Shorts Competition)

Official Selection: The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival; Queens World Film Festival; Seattle Asian American Film Festival; Winter Film Awards; Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival; Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival; Pantry Short Film Corner Mumbai; Austin Short Film Fest; Chicago South Asian Film Festival; Berlin Short Film Festival; Lighthouse International Film Festival;Sixth Sense Horror Short Film Festival; IFFSA Toronto; World Music & Independent Film Festival